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Hello Parents and Students!


Welcome to my website for virtual home school. I am updating it with information about Edgenuity and class procedures daily. Feel free to keep checking it out as I will continue updating it with more information.


This will will NOT be a google classroom setting like your other classes. This will be done on Edgenuity which is a computer based instructional program. I will be your Special Needs teacher from 2:50-3:40. There is a link there for Edgenuity as well. You will click on this each day to login. It is also located under the "students" tab on the JMMS home page. 


It is up to you to check my website often to get instructions. Once we start the class and do this a day or 2 you will understand it fully. It isn't difficult to do and you can work at your pace as far as moving ahead.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My contact information is linked on the site on the right side of the page along with other links of good info.



Coach Hawley




How to Log into Edgenuity?


Go to your school’s webpage. 

Go to the Student Tab on the webpage.

Scroll down to the Edgenuity Tab and click on.

This will pull up a blue log in screen.


Student User Name is you pin number ONLY

Student Password is you 6 digit birthday. All passwords have been set back to birthdays.



User Name Pin# 12345

Password  010105


DO NOT use your school google email as your user name. It will NOT work. I know when you get to the blue log in screen it shows an email address as an example but our school does NOT use that. We use pin numbers.

Please remember...we have around 65 students in each class and there is only 1 me. When you ask for help I may be working with another student. I will get to all of you one at a time.
ATTENTION STUDENTS: You MUST take notes while you watch the lectures. These notes will supply you the answers to the assignments and quizzes. 
ATTENTION STUDENTS: if you fail a quiz twice you need to contact me so I can unlock the quiz until you pass it. Also, you need to contact me when you reach a unit test to have it unlocked. All other assignments can be unlocked without me. Once you open these quizzes and unit tests you MUST complete them without leaving for ANY reason. If you leave they will lock and you will need to ask for another unlock. This is happening a lot so please complete these without trying to exit and save to do it later, it won't work.
ATTENTION STUDENTS CONCERNING PROJECTS: When you get to a project open the guide and read the questions. If you do not have word on your device type your answers on an email and send it to me to grade. This will save time trying to load a document.
ATTENTION PARENTS: You can check your child's progress at any time. Click under their name on "Progress Report". Look at their % complete. This is how much of the class they have completed up to now. Then look to the right side and look at their "Target Completion". This is where they SHOULD be in the class. If this number is higher than their % completion they are behind the difference.
Honor Code Procedure--you need to send me the honor code to access topic tests or unit tests ONLY. Here are the steps.
1. copy and paste the honor code statement below.


Course/Class:   course name here                                                                   Teacher:  Hawley

I, (insert student Legal first and last name), pledge on my honor that I will not accept any assistance on this test. This includes but is not limited to: Notes, Websites, Cell Phones, Family members, etc. 

Once you have it copied go to the communications tab on your edgenuity tab
2. click on compose a new email.
3. click on TO: type in my name Craig Hawley
4. paste the honor code statement in the body of the email
5. hit send 







Contact Information:
under the communication tab on edgenuity, click on email and send me an email with your requests or questions
Office Hours:
2:50-3:40 Monday-Friday