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Kevin Josey
Glynn Learning Center
B.A. - Economics - University of Georgia
M. Ed. - Lesley University
Cell: 912-506-2969
GLC: 912-267-4100
Log into computer by 9:00am each morning;
Turn in assignments as instructed;
Do your best work each day;
Ask questions when you need assistance;
Respond in a timely manner when Mr. Josey or Mrs. Johnson communicate with you;
Send via email your cell phone number to or by text to 912-506-2969 (be sure to include your name.);
Click on the "Links" on the right side of this page to watch the video.
You will not be able to track the progress of your student in traditional ways you have in the past. The reason is that this class is a Modified Algebra class. As such, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me via email at, or; or by text at912-506-2969. Thank you for being involved in your child's education!! Mr. Josey


How to Log into Edgenuity?


Go to your base school’s web page. You have to do this every time you try to log in. You have to be on the light blue login page NOT the black page.

Go to the Student Tab on the webpage.

Scroll down to the Edgenuity Tab and click on.

This will pull up a blue log in screen.


Student User Name is you pin number ONLY

Student Password is your 6 digit birthday. All passwords have been set back to birthdays.



User Name Pin# 12345

Password  010105

DO NOT use your school google email as your user name. It will NOT work. I know when you get to the blue login screen it shows an email address as an example but our school does NOT use that. We use pin numbers.